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Who wants to travel to Morocco but wants to keep it environmentally friendly? Here’s how.

As a tourist, sometimes we are unaware of the harm we enact on the environment and to local communities simply by traveling from one country to the next. The influence we leave after our travels can be negative or positive in shaping a healthier planet. The choice is up to us, so let’s try to make it a positive one!

In a tourist hotspot, like Morocco, it may seem impossible to leave a positive footprint, but throughout this article, I will explain the best alternatives to stay actively conscious of the influence we, as tourists, can contribute to a place as beautiful as Morocco. We can discover ways to be eco-friendly and perform sustainable travel, which is a form of travel that aims to minimize the negative impact on the environment, local communities, and cultures. It can then promote conservation and support the well-being of the beauty and diversity of the planet. 

Firstly, we need to acknowledge the country we are going to, and what they are struggling with most, whether it be a garbage overflow, polluted natures, or even a struggling local economy. From my research, the obstacles that Morocco is faced with is eliminating nonrenewable energy and replacing it with the use of renewable energies such as solar and wind, while also providing business to the local communities to support sustainable growth. 

Once we have indicated the most challenging and harmful actions to the country and the planet, then we can find eco-friendly hotels and tours to reduce our footprint in the area choses. An example of sustainable tourism is found on a tourist website called Moroccan Green Tours (link can be found below). Here you can discover many different and exciting tours that their company offers. Their values align with the values of ViroImpact, such as conserving nature, culture, social assets, and also aiding the local communities. It is important to note that in participating in these tours, we are one step closer to protecting and healing our environment. 

Morocco Green Tours has provided a unique way to travel and dive into the country’s culture, which is much different than what you would get at a local tourist hub. In one of their tours you are able to stay with nomads for a few nights and see the beauty of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, Ouzoud waterfall, and indulge in the local cuisine. This is a wonderful experience in which you will never forget; you will have experienced how the tribes have had to survive, but also the care they can give to the environment in their daily tasks. These tours allow us, as tourists, to help the locals and give back to the host country. In addition to this tour, there are many more to choose from that immerse you into their culture, and experience the change that is happening in front of your eyes. All you have to do is plan your trip to Morocco to begin your eco-friendly, sustainable, life-altering experience!

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