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About Us

We are a small startup that is working to provide tools and options to improve the Earth’s climate and ecosystems so that future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits of Planet Earth. We look to build a community through education and support of environmentally friendly decisions on a personal/business level. We hope to take our #ViroImpact campaign worldwide to make significant progress in protecting the ecosystems and climate of our planet.

Our Founder

About Kileigh

College Student, Concerned about the future of our Planet, Entrepreneur, Dog Lover

Kileigh grew up in both the United States and Europe due to her parent’s careers. She currently is a Junior at Loyola University in New Orleans studying Business. She loves to travel and see the beauty that is Planet Earth.

She has always been attuned to recycling and the need for the use of sustainable materials in all her purchases. While she believes she viroimpacts every day she is frustrated by the slow progress toward protecting the ecosystems of Earth and the massive changes that she sees coming if we continue to treat our planet as we currently do.

In addressing this frustration she came across the idea of creating a campaign to harness individual impacts into a larger overall impact. Thus the ViroImpact community and web presence was born.

Join us to make a difference

Kileigh O’Toole, Founder

Our Team


Technical Founder, CTO


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