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Our Mission…

Our mission is to provide tools and suggestions for individuals and businesses to make small incremental decisions which benefit the protection of our planet. We will work to grow our community so that the exponential individual impacts will create a positive seismic impact on the health of our planet. Finally we hope to provide education to spread awareness of the urgency of the climate and definitive steps each individual or business can take to address the crisis at hand.

Our Plan

WE have created the slogan, “Have you ViroImpacted today?” This can be defined as an action that can be done to aid the Earth’s beautiful environment and ecosystems. In creating this website, we hope to encourage you and your friends to #viroimpacttoday everyday.

How to ViroImpact Today

In one action like recycling plastic and other biodegradable products, we can begin to help protect the planet. Other ways to make an impact can be products such as, these listed below.

Making a small difference each day by one person will have an impact but adding one person each day to the community of difference makers will eventually make a seismic change.

Kileigh O’Toole, Founder, ViroImpact